See exclusive content of Goldie

See exclusive content of Goldie

Monday, April 14, 2014

Iced Blonde Cake

International fugitive Goldie Blair has lived on the fringes of society for years, travelling as inconspicuously as possible and never staying in one place for long. Circumstances lead her to the isolated mountain community of Idyllwild, California in early 2014. During a few lazy mornings at a local coffee shop she observes a cluster of tourists who have rented two large cabins in the vicinity. On Goldie's last day of reconnaissance the shop owner offers her a free selection from an absolutely delectable array of homemade pastries. Goldie regretfully declines the mouthwatering offer - she has work to do. Within an hour she is breaking into one of the vacation cabins, confident that the current group of lessees have already departed for a lake excursion and left most of their valuables behind. To her astonishment she finds one of them sleeping on a couch. The words "Iced Blonde Cake" pop unbidden into her mind as she stares at the lithe, luscious form of the woman before her. Temptation and hunger swirl against one another, creating a type of vertigo. Goldie's head spins while her insides melt. The dozing lady's skin has the soft consistency of white velvet cake. Her soft, blonde hair cascades over large, succulent breasts and an impossibly slim waistline. "I will eat her alive.." Goldie declares in a clipped but luxurious British accent..

Iced Blonde Cake stars Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle. This topless softcore movie features handcuffs, rope bondage, lesbian domination, belly worship, baby oil, struggling, and breast worship. Co-produced by PG. Watch Iced Blonde Cake at now!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cult of Isis

A mysterious woman named Goldie Blair arrives in Parker City. She moves into a log cabin on a remote street surrounded by forest. Local residents slowly become aware of her existence, wondering what could have brought her to their quiet town. Speculation runs rampant. Housewives gossip relentlessly. Their husbands cast furtive, wistful, admiring glances in Goldie's direction whenever possible, almost as if the phantasm of an alternate life path - the path not taken - is beckoning their senses. The thin veneer of civility amongst the inhabitants of Parker City begins to disintegrate. Sister Tanya of the Young Ladies' Catholic Academy knows she must act quickly in order to protect both the family values and the moral fabric of her community. She pays Goldie a visit. Someone should have warned her not to drink the water. The nun politely accepts a beverage from her hostess, blithely unaware that Goldie has cast a powerful spell upon it. Magical, glimmering particles cascade down Sister Tanya's throat as she sits atop a living room couch and takes her first sip of the fluid. Conversation commences but the nun feels increasingly lightheaded and disoriented. A treacherous tableau unfolds inside of her mind. Naked women dance in a woodland setting, spreading their legs with wild abandon as contrails of mist encircle and then release them. Through the haze Sister Tanya becomes more and more excited, gradually realizing that Goldie is licking her asshole. She musters all her strength to clear the fog from her head and push Goldie away from her. The seductress laughs. "I am a disciple for the Cult of Isis." Goldie declares with relish. "We bring converts into our religion by forcing them to orgasm against their wills." Goosebumps cover Sister Tanya's exposed body from head to toe. She shakes with a combination of terror and rage, determined to defend her virginity, the Catholic faith, and her hometown by utilizing any means necessary.. 

Cult of Isis stars Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle. This XXX sexfight video contains kissing, caressing, breast worship, pussy licking, ass licking, and forced orgasm. Co-produced by RBP. Watch Cult of Isis now at


Monday, January 20, 2014

Deep Blue Good-by

Tanya Hamilton (played by Tanya Danielle) tries to keep her emotions at bay but the tremulous anger resurfaces over and over, slowly lapping away at her resolve. Finally she confronts the teacher who gave her daughter a bad grade and demands an explanation. "Alice purposely misinterpreted the assignment." social studies instructor Ms. Blair (played by Goldie Blair) discloses. "I requested that she write about tolerance and she submitted a paper which outlines every facet of her moral opposition to gay marriage. In the last paragraph she expresses gratitude for her inclusion in an academic environment where those who pursue deviant homosexual lifestyles still have to tolerate her viewpoint." Mrs. Hamilton absorbs this information. "Was my daughter implying that there are homosexuals attending Parker City High School?" she asks after a minute. "I just need their names. My connections in the Parent Teacher Association will have them removed immediately!" Ms. Blair glares at her. "In order for them to get the help that they need." the housewife adds hastily. Smoldering tentacles of rage rise from Ms. Blair's toes to her loins and then explode out of her eye sockets. She grabs Mrs. Hamilton by the neck, locks her in a kiss, and launches a sexual attack worthy of 10,000 love-starved sailors. "Evidently you and your daughter need to improve your functional understanding of homosexuality." Ms. Blair says with venom dripping from her tongue. Mrs. Hamilton stares into the deep, blue eyes of her assailant, almost completely submerged in the hate-filled tide of sexual desire which threatens to consume her entire being..

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Robodoll Destruction

Foreign exchange student Goldie Blair is napping in a hotel room when a loud noise from the television set suddenly jolts her awake. Startled, Goldie sits bolt upright and begins fumbling around for a light switch or a lamp. As soon as her feet hit the floor a strong current of electricity seems to shoot through her body. She clamps her legs together and stands ramrod straight with arms by sides and fingers pointing outward from the wrists. "Kissy Doll activated." Goldie says in a halting, robot-like voice. "Kissy Doll ready for orders." She pauses, appearing to listen to commands which emanate from the TV set, and then announces: "Kissy Doll must walk." For the next several minutes she makes kissing noises with her mouth while lurching about the room in a jerky, stiff-legged manner. Periodically her unseen master instructs her to freeze so that he can issue another order, each one more demeaning than the previous. As time progresses we see a naked Goldie traipsing across the carpet, turning in circles, blowing air kisses, shaking her butt, and jiggling her breasts. The rhythm of her actions grows increasingly frenetic. All of a sudden something seems to short circuit inside of her and she begins going through the motions at an even faster rate of speed. Finally, her whole system overloads and Goldie collapses to the floor with arms and legs akimbo. Via closed circuit television in a different room of the hotel a mad inventor stares in disbelief at the smoking wreckage of his newest doll. Obviously his remote control technology is not yet a suitable application for the human body..

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty Pageant Beatdown

Miss California Carrie Prejean (played by Tanya Danielle) tours the United States in her trademark sash, tiara, and bikini to promote Christian family values. Upon arrival in Ringoes, New Jersey she hears a knock on her hotel room door. A local fan must have discovered where she is staying. "I should make this person's day by saying hello." she tells herself with a beneficent smile. Sometimes Carrie likes to indulge the little people. She fluffs her hair, turns the doorknob, and finds herself standing face to face with a militant feminist known as Prudence Atwater (played by Goldie Blair.) Prudence barrels into the room, dragging Carrie alongside her by the hair. The irate women's libber launches into a tirade in which she lambasts Carrie for her risque outfit, her hypocrisy, and her exclusionary religious rhetoric. Flabbergasted, the pageant winner reflexively straightens her crown and licks her lips while she tries to figure out what to do. Prudence stands between her and the door. Lacking any better options Carrie lunges for the phone, prompting Prudence to punch her in the throat and rip the device out of the wall. "Were you planning to call security?" Prudence asks her mockingly. "You think a man is going to save you?" Carrie stares back at her with bewilderment. "No man is going to save you from this!" Prudence snarls as she pulls the shocked blonde's face into her crotch. The subsequent physical assault changes Carrie's life and reveals a side of the feminist movement that few have ever witnessed firsthand.. 

Amongst other radical brainwashing techniques employed by Prudence, this classic catfight selection contains punching, hair pulling, breast smothering, leg scissors, facesitting, breast torture, and pussy mauling. Watch Beauty Pageant Beatdown at now!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blonde Sexplay - Part 3

Buxom blondes Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle love to model sexy, full-back bikinis and panties for one another until their sexual desire drives them into a carnal frenzy. On this particular Wednesday afternoon their longtime acquaintance, Brian, plays the role of voyeur during their session. The two blondes revel in having an audience as they show off their sexy outfits and beautiful bodies..

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Buxom Secretaries in Bondage

An intrepid thief has invaded the headquarters of the J. Row Corporation. Only two secretaries, Kianna Dior and Goldie Blair remain on the premises since it is well after 5pm. They are transcribing highly sensitive documents when the intruder confronts them at their desks. He forces them onto a sofa, gags them with white kerchiefs, and binds them with white rope. As he ransacks the nearby office suites Goldie and Kianna struggle desperately against their constraints. Periodically their assailant reappears to tie them in different positions and remove each of their garments until finally the bound women are left to writhe angrily on the floor, completely naked except for their black stockings and black stiletto heels..

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